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How to buy land in Florida? Congratulations. You’ve come to the right place!
Lots of land still available in America, right? WRONG! Discover the best off-market lots In Florida, before they go!
We Guarantee You Will Say goodbye to long MLS searches and dealing with high priced agents. Get off-market properties NOW and avoid paying any commission!
How To Find The Best Land NOT Available To The Public!
Let us help you find the best off-market land that agents and developers don’t want you to know about. Become a preferred client and we can help you:
  • Save time searching for the perfect deal
  • Save money so you can do more with the land
  • Fuel your dreams and create the perfect environment for your family or business
  •  Be the envy of your friends who wish they had the deal before you did!
  •  Grab a slice of the world before it all goes…. They’re not ‘making’ any more land!
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Land Will Always Be Available, Right? Wrong!
Through market highs and lows, one thing remains: we all need land. To build on or to hunt and fish on. Land is in finite supply and the demand for land will go up. 

Have you ever seen a trend and thought “Yeah, I should get in on that” and then didn’t? Only to see that trend sky-rocket later and now you’re saying “Geez, I wish I had!” Land is that trend. People are buying in pre-market crash proportions – but they aren’t all smart about it. To extract value from land means buying low, even in an uptrend. The problem here is accessing good, quality off-market deals.
We Created LandScouts for buyers of all types of land that will give you
Exclusive Deals
You get exclusive access to off-market deals before the public sees them. Be part of the VIP buyers club and you’ll always see the deals first, giving you an advantage of more time to research and make an offer
Zero Fees
You save money so that you can reinvest into land improvements. We don’t accept or pass on any fees to you for the sale, other than closing costs. Your savings means you can do more with your money like buy more land or build a hut on your fishing lot!
No Fuss
You save time, as we remove the need to search MLS or go through an agent. Our deals will come to you fully researched to make your decisions easier. 
Say Goodbye To Missing Out On Good Land Deals!
There are lots of wholesalers out there offering deals, as well as good quality real estate agents. But how quickly do they get to the deal? How fast do they pass it on to their VIP preferred buyers? 

Our data enables us to source the trends, approach sellers, build a relationship and pass great deals on to you. Fast! 

We also want to reward our customers - have a free vacation on us when you register to hear our land deals! 
We Personally Guarantee You Will Get the inside scoop on off-market land that can save you thousands. Stop searching MLS and become a preferred buyer
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We’re Land Lovers Too. Just like you. 
We’re also land buyers, so we know what it’s like to miss a great deal. We have completed many wholesale deals and currently own land in Florida for our future dreams. We’ve helped many buyers to:
  • Our deals are delivered immediately
  • ​Find great deals for their hobbies so they can hunt and fish in freedom!
  • ​Help developers find ‘hot spots’ for construction
  • ​Create off-market opportunities in areas where no land was for sale
  • ​Facilitate mutually beneficial transactions between sellers and buyers
  • ​We’re passionate about land!
What Do Our Friends Have To Say?

"Alicia & Matt are genuine folks who are always keen to do what's best for the people they work with, including clients. They have a genuine interest in all things land and real estate and are professional, upfront and courteous. I'd recommend them as people to talk with about your deal!"

Michael Cassidy, Mohawk Real Estate Investments

"Alicia was great at communicating the contract status with me, keeping me informed of the steps to closing and using a reputable and professional closing agent to ensure everything was handled well. Really efficient and great to work with!"

Kent Koshko, Motivated Seller

"Alicia & Matt have been great to work with to close deals for clients. They always let me know what they need, what the needs of their clients are and are prompt with paperwork - which makes my job as their closing title agent really easy. Really lovely and professional people who I'd recommend!"  

Linda Tiang, Sunshine Title

Yes, I Want To Become A VIP For The Best Off-Market Deals!
Dear Fellow Land Admirer,

As a BONUS for all our valued customers who register with us, you will receive a complimentary a 3-night Las Vegas or Orlando getaway for FREE. We only have a limited number of vacation giveaways available and they are going FAST!

Not to mention that our accountant is NOT very happy we’re giving away these vacations and wants to shut this offer down.

So, why wait any longer? REGISTER NOW for off-market direct listings and then start packing or call us to learn more.

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